The whereabouts of the Roll is unknown.

Higher Grade School, 1894 to 1921. Wolverhampton Municipal Secondary School, 1921 to 1945.

Roll Of Honour World War II

Royal Tank Regiment R.A.C.
Son of Frederick Charles Cooke and of Annie Cooke (nee Slater); husband of Suzanne Nelly Cooke (nee Jacquot) of West Ealing, Middlesex. M.A. (Oxon.).

Died 28th April 1945 age 34 Grave Reference: 3. K. 7. Becklingen War Cemetery

CYRIL BAYNTON Flight Sergeant (Nav./Bomber)1168793
70 Sqdn Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Son of Joseph and Mary Hannah Baynton of Bilston.
Died 25th November 1943 age 27.
Grave Reference Coll. grave I.B.16-20.
Staglieno Cemetery Genoa.

Royal Corps of Signals attd. III. Indian Corps Sigs.
Son of Emanuel and Martha Ann Benton of Willenhall.
Died 18th June 1943 age 25 as a Japenese prisoner of war
Grave Reference: 6. C. 36. Kanchanaburi War Cemetery

ERIC BURNS Aircraftman 2nd Class 952815
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Son of William Thomas Burns and Mary Burns;
husband of Enid Burns of Huthwaite Nottinghamshire.
Died 25th March 1941 age 20.
Grave Reference: 37. A. 4.  Kranji War Cemetery.

(Air Gnr. U/T.) 1582770
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Son of Robert and Harriett Elizabeth Clayton, of Wolverhampton.
Died 04/05/1944 age 20.
Grave Reference: Coll.Grave 62-66.Row C.
Kinloss Abbey Burial Ground.

WILLIAM COWERN Flight Sergeant (Nav.)1578054
70 Sqdn Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Son of Samuel and Eliza Cowern of Wolverhampton; husband of Phyllis Cowern of Wolverhampton.
Died 16/03/1944 age 36
Grave Reference: VI. D. 7. Bari War Cemetery.

DONALD ARTHUR COX Sergeant (W.Op./Air)1817720
36 Sqdn Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Son of Joseph Arthur and Alice Cox, of Wednesfield Wolverhampton.
Died 26/12/1944 age 20.
Grave Reference: Row Q Grave 12
Heanton Punchardon (St. Augustine) Churchyard.

1/6th Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment
Accidently killed 01/08/1942 by bomb explosion in
Catterick camp.
Wolverhampton Borough Cemetery. Grave 10.
Atended the school 1932-37.

JOSEPH WILLIAM DALE. Sergeant 1001426
77 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Killed in Action 12th March 1942.
Panel 81, Runnymede Memorial.

JACK NORMAN DAVID Sergeant (Pilot) 1583729
460 (R.A.A.F.) Sqdn Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Son of Frederick Stanley and Florence May David of Wolverhampton.
Died 19th March 1945
Grave 4118. Bushbury (St. Mary) Churchyard.

WILLIAM ARTHUR DAVIES Sergeant (Flt. Engr.) 1160814
619 Sqdn Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Son of Alan and Eliza Ann Davies, of Wolverhampton.
Killed in Action 22nd June 1943 age 23
Grave Reference: 3. G. 1.
Jonkerbos War Cemetery.

182 Bty 65 H.A.A. Regt Royal Artillery
Died 18/05/1941
Grave Reference: Old ground. Row 35. Grave 66.

DOUGLAS EASTELL Flight Sergeant (Nav./Bomber) 658099
512 Sqdn. Royal Air Force
Son of Harry Eastell, and of Emily L. Eastell
of Oxley Wolverhampton.
Died 10th April 1944 age 26
Grave Reference: Plot I/2. Grave 198.
Oxford (Botley) Cemetery.

RONALD FINNEY Sapper 2017869
862 Mechanical Equipment Workshop and Park Coy.
Son of Robert and Mary Hannah Finney of Wolverhampton;
husband of Margaret Finney of Oxley Wolverhampton.
Died 21st January 1944 age 23
Grave Reference: V. F. 9. Bone War Cemetery, Annaba.

Attended the school 1921-24
Husband of V. Frazer of 231 Tithe Farm Court, Alexandra Avenue, South Harrow, Middlesex.
John was a member of the Home Guard and helped in defence duties during air-raids on London during 1940. He was assistant Manager of Brick, Croft and granite Co. and a football referee of First Division matches.
He was killed while at work in his office, 15 Victoria Street, Westminster, London, during an air-raid, 11th November, 1940.
Civilian Roll of Honour Section City Of Westminster.
(Obs./Air Gnr.)
61 Sqdn. Royal Air Force
Son of William John and Rosina Alice Glasson, of Windsor.
Died 8th March 1940 age 19
Grave Reference: Sec.B.Row B. Grave 11.
Clewer (St. Andrew) New Churchyard.

630 Sqdn Royal Air Force
Son of Norman and Annie Mary Goulding, of Seattle Washington, U.S.A.
Died 23rd November 1943 age 20
Panel 151. Runnymede Memorial.
Sergeant (W.Op./Air Gnr.) 950571
144 Sqdn Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Son of Harold John and Eva Ellen Hartlett, of Wolverhampton.
Killed in Action 1st September 1941 age 20
Grave Reference: 1. B. 1.
Rheinberg War Cemetery.

105 Sqdn Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Died 17th September 1941.
Panel 1, Column 2. Malta Memorial

Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Son of Frederick and Sylvia Alice Hubball of Blakenhall. Died 2nd October 1943 age 26
Panel 137. Runnymede Memorial.

GILBERT HUGHES Warrant Officer (Nav.) 1577301
196 Sqdn Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Son of Harry and Elizabeth Hughes of Wolverhampton; husband of Marjorie Hughes (nee Alcock).
Died 3rd April 1945 age 33
Grave Reference: Coll. grave 15763-15765.
Cambridge City Cemetery

MAXWELL STANLEY JONES Warrant Officer (Pilot) 1334241
255 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Son of Edward Stanley Jones and Mary Ann Frances Jones, of St. Albans, Hertfordshire.
Killed 13th November 1944 age 22 when he crashed landing at Foggia Main returning from a practice interception.
Grave reference XI. B. 8. Bari War Cemetery.

DEREK STANLEY LARGE Sergeant 1177034
27 Operational Training Unit Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Born March 1920 in Wolverhampton son of Bert and Jennie Large, eldest of seven children.
The 1939 Register records the family lving at 22 Perry Avenue, Wolverhampton. Derek enlisted into the RAF at Cardington Bedfordshire, sometime after April 1940.
Killed in action 16 July 1942 aged 20 when his aircraft a Wellington bomber P9285 was lost over the North Sea during a cross-country practice bombing exercise, possibly shot down by an enemy aircraft.
Panel 87, Runnymede Memorial, England.

WILLIAM HERBERT MITTON Pilot Officer (Pilot) 195730
107 Sqdn. Royal Air Force.
Son of John and Edith Mitton, of Wolverhampton.
Died 10th April 1945 age 23.
Grave reference 11. D. 23. Rheinberg War Cemetery

GORDON MORRIS Flying Officer 154529
207 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Son of John and Ethel Morris, of Wolverhampton.
Died 5th March 1945.
Panel 267 Runnymede Memorial.
Lancaster I NG230 lost without a trace during a raid on a synthetic oil plant at Bohlen.

17 Field Regt. Royal Artillery.
Husband of M. D. Meddings, of Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton.
Died 19th January 1943
Grave Reference 11. A. 4. Medjez-El-Bab War Cemetery.

51 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Son of William and Anne Winifred Mortimer, Wolverhampton born at Warwick December 1921. At the outbreak of the war he lived at 319 Hordern Road Wolverhampton. He volunteered in 1942 to join the Royal Air Force.
Halifax II Serial Number- HR731, 51 Squadron, shot down by a night fighter into the Ijsselmeer 12 miles west of Harderwijk during a raid on Gelsenkirchen. Geoffrey’s remains were recovered August 1967. Birmingham, 15 April 1944 - administration of his will, £158 and 15 shillings was left to Raymond Henry Rogers (a draughtsman by trade).
Killed in Action 26th June 1943 age 21.
Grave Reference British Plot 2. Grave 6. Harderwijk General Cemetery.

DEREK NEWMAN Leading Airman FX705115
H.M.S. Saker, Royal Navy.
Son of Abraham and Violet Newman, of Penn, Wolverhampton.
Died 11th October 1944 age 18.
Grave Reference Sec. 3. Grave 24.
Lafayette (Temple Israel) Jewish Cemetery (U.S.A)

FRANK HENRY OAKLEY Pilot Officer (Pilot) 113765
15 Elementary Flying Training School, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve; based at Kingstown Cumberland
Born 15 April 1917 in Wolverhampton, son of Frank and Alice Oakley (née Ellis).
Married Alice Maud Reid Harmon (born 26 Dec 1920 Wolverhampton) July 1941 in Wolverhampton.
Died 21st August 1941 age 24 when he crashed on a searchlight battery at Kirkhampton 5 miles west of Carlisle during an air test, flying a Magister I. A passenger, a civilian engineer was also killed, unfortunately there is no name recorded of the engineer.
Sec. B. Old Portion. Grave 1210. 2. Bilston Cemetery.

LESLIE NORMAN PIKE Lance Corporal 6107302
1st Bn. The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire)
Son of G. W. Roberts Pike and Jessie Gladys Pike, of Wolverhampton.
Died 16th February 1944 age 20.
Panel 9. Cassino Memorial.

HOWARD PRITCHARD Flight Sergeant (Nav.) 1578502
635 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Son of Harry and Dorothy Amy Pritchard, of Wolverhampton.
Died 4th June 1944 age 20.
Tettenhall Regis (St Michael) Churchyard.

Attended the school  1938-41.
His father was the barber in Whitmore Reans.
Accidentally killed 5th September 1941 age 15 while working at the School Farm Camp, Diddlebury, Shropshire.
D/JX 19114
H.M. Trawler Almond, Royal Navy.
Son of George William and Sarah Reynolds, of Penn.
Killed 2nd February 1941 age 20, when his ship hit a mine off Falmouth and sank.
Panel 50, Column 2. Plymouth Naval memorial.

Royal Marines H.M.S. Gloucester.
Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Roberts; husband of Edna Eileen Roberts, of Torpoint, Cornwall.
Died 22nd May 1941 age 25
Panel 59, Column 1. Plymouth Naval memorial.

Ivor Rowberry

IVOR ROWBERY Private 4928327
2nd (Airborne) Bn South Staffordshire Regiment
Son of Arthur Thomas Rowbery and Lilian May Rowbery of Wolverhampton.
Killed in Action 22nd September 1944 age 22.
Son of Arthur Thomas Rowbery and Lilian May Rowbery of Wolverhampton.
Grave Reference: 16. A. 20.

His last letter to his mother

BERNARD WILLIAM SANSOM Sergeant (Air Gnr.) 1212654
103 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Son of Leonard George and Fanny Elizabeth Sansom,
of Wolverhampton.
Killed in Action 31st May 1942 age 19.
Coll. grave 18. A. 1-6. Reichswald Forest War Cemetery.

Serjeant 973734
185 Field Regt. Royal Artillery.
Son of Edward Theodore and Agnes Mary Shore, of Wolverhampton; husband of Mary Elizabeth Shore, of New Barnet, Hertfordshire.
Died 29th July 1944 age 31
Grave reference III. E. 4. Ranville War Cemetery.

JOHN DERRICK STEER Corporal 323989
"A" Sqn. Staffordshire Yeomanry Royal Armoured Corps.
Husband of Gwendoline Steer.
Died 18th July 1944 age 27.
Grave reference IVA. E. 13. Ranville War Cemetery.

DONALD PERCIVAL STOCK Sergeant (W.Op./Air Gnr.) 1157823
75 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Killed in Action 6th April 1942
Grave Reference Coll. grave 1. D. 6-18.
Rheinberg War Cemetery.

ARNOLD WEBSTER SUTTON Leading Aircraftman 1054416
961 Balloon Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Son of Henry Higginson Sutton and Nellie Maud Sutton, of Wolverhampton.
Died 19th August 1942 age 25.
Grave Reference 2. E. 2. Pihen-Les-Guines War Cemetery.

HAROLD EDGAR THOMPSON Flight Sergeant (Pilot) 1271388
286 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Son of Miles and Nellie Thomson of Crouch End, Hornsey.
Died 23rd June 1943 age 21
Memorial Reference: Panel 3. Golders Green Crematorium.

VICTOR ALFRED WEAVER Flight Sergeant 960685
90 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Son of Bernard and Ada Grace Weaver; husband of
Enid Phyllis Annie Weaver, of Mossley Hill, Liverpool.
Killed in Action 24th August 1943 age 26.
Stirling 111 EH937 shot down by a night fighter into the Ijsselmeer 9 miles east of Marken and north of Almere when returning from a raid on Berlin.
Panel 139, Runnymede Memorial.

P/MX 67638.
H.M.S. Fidelity, Royal Navy.
Son of Charlotte Westwood; husband of Edna Westwood, of Penn.
Killed in Action 1st January 1943 age 30, when H.M.S Fidelity was Torpedoed and sunk by U-435 in theAtlantic off the Azores.
Panel 79, Column 1. Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

EDWARD FREDERICK WHITE Sergeant (Obs.) 581009
12 Squadron. Royal Air Force.
Son of William Herbert White, and of Rachel White,
of Merry Hill.
Killed in Action 14th May 1940 age 20.
Grave 1. Pouru-St.Remy Communal Cemetery.
Flying a Fairey Battle serial number P5229, shot down near Pouru-St-Remy 5 miles from the target during an attack on bridges near Sedan, the wireless operator/air gunner survived and was captured.
My thanks to Jacky Brookes for kindly allowing me to use the picture of her Uncle Edward when he first joined the RAF aged 19.

STEPHEN GEORGE WHITE Sergeant (Pilot) 1318824
106 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Son of George Edward and Amy Lilian White, of Wolverhampton.
Killed in Action 26th June 1943 age 20.
Grave Reference Plot C. Row 12. Grave 373.
Wieringen (Hippolytushoef) General Cemetery.
Flying Lancaster serial number W4256, which was shot down by a night fighter 1 mile east of Hippolytushoef 9 miles southeast of Den Helder during a raid on Gelsenkirchen.

HENRY CLAUDE WILLIS Pilot Officer (Nav.) 189940
614 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Son of James Henry and Florence Laura Willis, of Wolverhampton.
Died 25th June 1945 age 22.
Prot. Sec. (Officers'). Plot E. Grave 32.
Malta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery.
Flying Mosquito B25 serial number KB531 which spun into the sea 30 miles east of Valletta due to engine failure during a transit flight to Malta, baled out but died.

ALFRED LEONARD WOOD Sergeant (Nav./Air Gnr.) 1208568
115 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Killed in Action 22nd November 1942.
Grave 3. Chalandry Churchyard.
Flying a Wellington III serial number BK206 shot down by a night fighter at Chalandry 9 miles north of Laon during a raid on Stuttgart. One member of the crew survived and was captured.

1st Bn. King's Shropshire Light Infantry.
Son of George and Katherine Wycherley, of Wolverhampton.
Died 22nd September 1944.
Grave Reference V. B. 3. Mierlo War Cemet