Naven T P Private 14815743 1st Bn. Devonshire Regiment Son of Mr and Mrs A E Naven, of Wolverhampton. Died - 03 February, 1947. Aged - 26. Memorial - Stanley Military Cemetery, Hong Kong. 7. A. 16.

Newman James Frederick Surgeon Lieutenant H. M. S. Esk. Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve Son of William F and Amy C Newman; husband of Joan Johnston Newman, of Wolverhampton. M.B, Ch.B. (Birmingham). Died - 01 September, 1940. Aged - 26. Memorial - Portsmouth Naval Memorial - Hampshire, United Kingdom. Panel 44, Column 2.

Nicholls Jack Aubrey Wolverhampton Civil Defence. Died 23rd June, 1948, wounded in service. Lived at 31 Oxley st, Wolverhampton, husband of Ivy Adelaide, father of Peter, Jean, John, Betty, Dennis and James. Memorial St Luke's Church, Villiers St, Wolverhampton.

Nicholls John Cecil Gunner 826920 17 Field Regt. Royal Artillery Son of Stanley William and Sarah Nicholls; husband of Florence Nicholls, of Bushbury, Wolverhampton. Died - 03 October, 1943. Aged - 27. Memorial - Sangro River War Cemetery, Italy. XIV. C. 27.

Nixon Arthur Septimus Private 5732510 2nd Bn. Dorsetshire Regiment Son of Aaron Nixon, and of Ruth Nixon, of Oxley, Wolverhampton. His Brother John Henry also died on service. Died - 01 May, 1944. Aged - 21. Memorial - Kohima War Cemetery, India. 7. D. 15.

Nixon John Henry Lance Corporal 3529161 2nd (Airborne) Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment Son of Aaron Nixon, and of Ruth Nixon, of Oxley,Wolverhampton; husband of Enid Nixon,of Busbury, Wolverhampton. His brother Arthur Septimus also fell . Died - 09 July, 1943. Aged - 24. Memorial - Cassino Memorial, Italy. Panel 7

Noon William Maurice Sapper 2193556 276 Field Coy. Royal Engineers Son of William Henry and Ellen Sophia Noon, of Penn Fields, Wolverhampton. Died - 05 November, 1944. Aged - 26. Memorial - Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, Netherlands. 17. A. 12.

Norman Andrew Ronald Private 14711531, serving with the 1st Battalion, The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment), died on 27 September 1944, aged 20 and is buried in plot 6, Row A, Grave 2 in Longuenesse (St Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, France. He was the son of Thomas and Mary Norman, of Bilston, Staffordshire.

Nutting Bernard William Gunner 1542916 66 Bty, 47 Lt. A. A. Regt. Royal Artillery Son of John and Helen Nutting, of Wolverhampton; husband of Beatrice Nutting, of Low Hill, Wolverhampton. Died - 10 July, 1941. Aged - 39. Memorial - Wolverhampton Borough Cemetery - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Grave 8.

Oakley William Frederick Private 2182016 115 Coy, Aux. Mil. Pioneer Corps. Son of Harry and Ethel Oakley; husband of Beatrice Oakley, of Wolverhampton. Died in the Rennes troop train bombing. Died - 17 June, 1940. Aged - 34. Memorial - Dunkirk Memorial - Nord, France. Column 153.

Oliver Frederick Gunner 1073358 1 Heavy Regt. Royal Artillery Son of Benjamin and Alice Oliver, of Bushbury, Wolverhampton. Died - 24 May, 1940. Aged - 32. Memorial - Kemmel Chateau Military Cemtery - Heuvelland, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. P. 13.

Orme Wilfred George Private 7593767 Royal Army Ordance Corps Son of Wilfred James Orme and Nellie Orme, of Wolverhampton. Died - 24 May, 1941. Aged - 21. Memorial - Suda Bay War Cemetery, Greece. 13. C. 18.

Osborne Thomas Henry Rifleman 14708027 9th Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) Son of Thomas and Winifred Osborne, of The Scotlands, Wolverhampton. Died - 24 September, 1944. Aged - 18. Memorial - Mierlo War Cemetery, Netherlands. IV. B. 5.

Owen John Flight Sergeant (pilot) 1166741 138 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve John and Louisa Owen, of Wolverhampton. Mentioned in despatches. Died - 26 July, 1942. Aged - 21. Memorial - Vire New Communal Cemetery - Calvados, France. Plot L. Grave 2.

Owen Joseph Edgar Private 4915506 1st Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment Son of Joseph Edgar and Matilda Owen, of Wolverhampton. Died - 10 June, 1944. Aged - 24. Memorial - Taukkyan War Cemetery, Myanmar. 13. A. 7.

Owen William John Fusilier 4927522 1st Bn. Royal Welch Fusiliers Son of William and Laura May Owen, of Bushbury Lane, Wolverhampton. Died Aged 22 on 11 May, 1944 in Dimapur of injuries. Memorial - Imphal War Cemetery, India. 8. F. 3.
Frank Price
Price Frank Thomas Private 4912853 5th Btn Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders Died 29th June 1944 age 29.  Son of Thomas and Eliza Jane Price; husband of Emily May Price, of Blakenhall, Wolverhampton. La Deliverande War Cemetery Douvres, France. Grave Reference V.G.8

Price George Gunner 930324 67 Field Regiment Royal Artillery died 31st May 1940 age 23. Les Moeres Cemetery, France. Row B Grave 22.

Quigley Hugh Patrick Private 4924380 Pioneer Corps Son of William and Catherine Quigley; husband of Doris Elma Quigley, of Wolverhampton. Died - 12 January, 1946. Aged - 34. Memorial - Heath Town (Holy Trinity) Churchyard - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Old Ground. Row 52. Grave S/12.

Rafferty Ronald George Private 5192138 10th Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment Son of John and Florence Rafferty, of Wolverhampton. Died - 16 February, 1945. Aged - 21. Memorial - Taukkyan War Cemetery, Myanmar. 27. D. 19.

Ray Francis Private 5125297 9th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment Son of Francis Harry and Ivy Martha Ray, of Low Hill, Wolverhampton. Died - 10 July, 1943. Aged - 20. Memorial - Bushbury (St. Mary) Churchyard - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Grave 400.

Redmayne Albert Flight Sergeant (Air Gnr.) 1866972 101 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Son of John Harold and Ethel Redmayne, of Oxley, Wolverhampton. Died - 11 October, 1944. Aged - 19. Memorial - Adegem Canadian War Cemetery, - Maldegen, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium. VI. C. 12.

Reeves Stanley Albert Able Seaman P/SSX33980 H.M.S. Fidelity, Royal Navy. Adopted son of Leonard William and Florence Daisy Reeves of Bradmore Wolverhampton. Killed in action Friday 1 January 1943 aged 21.

H.M.S. Fidelity was a Q ship and was part of Convoy ONS 154 crossing the Atlantic when it was attacked by two U-Boat Wolf packs. Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Panel 75, Column 2.

Reynolds Alfred Corporal 4923611 1st Bn. Parachute Regiment, A.A.C. Son of Alfred and Martha Reynolds, of Wolverhampton. Died - 18 September, 1944. Aged - 24. Memorial - Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, Netherlands. 20. A. 13.

Reynolds Francis Arthur Corporal 2nd Bn, Royal Horse Guards who was killed on his 25th birthday on Friday, 21st July 1944 by what is believed to be an allied shell which fell short. Corporal Reynolds, of "A" Squadron, was the son of James Sims Reynolds and Ada Mary Reynolds, and brother of Donald James Reynolds, of D'Eyncourt Road, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton. Remembered with honour Ranville War Cemetery, Calvados, France.

Rhead George Ernest Trooper 7782553 Staffordshire Yeo, R.A.C. Son of Bernal Bright Rhead and Rose Beatrice Rhead, of Wolverhampton. Died - 07 April, 1943. Aged - 38. Memorial - Medjez-El-Bab War Cemetery, Tunisia .Spec. Mem. "C". 17. H. 13.

Richardson Clifford Floyde Gunner 956931 81 Anti-Tank Regt. Royal Artillery Son of George Floyde Richardson and Emma Richardson, of Bradmore, Wolverhampton; husband of Barbara Mathilda Richardson, of Bradmore. Died - 01 March, 1942. Aged - 26. Memorial - Penn Fields (St. Philip) Churchyard - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Sec. E. Grave 145.

Ricou Albert Kenneth Ordinary Seaman C/JX 641266 H. M. S. Aldenham. Royal Navy Son of Albert A and Gertrude M Ricou, of Wolverhampton. Died - 14 December, 1944. Aged - 19. Memorial - Chatham Naval Memorial - Kent, United Kingdom. 762

Roberts Peter Edward Private 14435506 1/4th Bn. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Son of Arthur Luddington Roberts, and of Mabel Lynda Roberts, of Heath Town, Wolverhampton. Died - 30 August, 1944. Aged - 18. Memorial - St. Desir War Cemetery, - Calvados, France. III. C. 2.

Roberts S Private 88020 1st Bn. South African Irish Son of Charles F and Sarah A Roberts, of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. Died - 09 December, 1941. Aged - 24. Memorial - Alamein Memorial, Egypt. Column 134.

Robinson John Private 14629902 8th Bn. Parachute Regiment, A. A. C. Son of Harry and Ellen Robinson, of Wolverhampton. Died - 06 June, 1944. Aged - 21. Memorial - Ranville War Cemetery, - Calvados, France. Coll. grave V. B. 1-22

Robinson Thomas Rifleman 4034717 1st Bn. The London Irish Rifles. Royal Ulster Rifles Son of William and Florence Robinson, of Wolverhampton; husband of May Robinson, of Heath Town, Wolverhampton. Died - 06 September, 1944. Aged - 25. Memorial - Gradara War Cemetery, Italy. II, B, 40.

Roden Robert Private 4914222 1/5th Bn. Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regt.) Husband of Elsie May Roden, of Wolverhampton. Died - 18 July, 1943. Aged - 25. Memorial - Chungkai War Cemetery, Thailand. 5. F. 11.

Roden William Rifleman 14565813 9th Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) Son of Thomas and Mary Jane Hannah Roden, of Wolverhampton. Died - 15 February, 1945. Aged - 20. Memorial - Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany.44.A.8.

Roeton Dennis William Lance Corporal 2597835 4 Div. Sigs. Royal Corps of Signals Son of William Henry and Sarah Olive Roeton, of Wolverhampton. Died - 08 June, 1944. Aged - 22. Memorial - Rome War Cemetery, Italy. II, F, 36.

Rogers Alfred William Stoker 1st Class D/KX 113053 H.M.S. Neptune. Royal Navy Son of Alfred George and Kathleen Rogers, of Wolverhampton. Died - 19 December, 1941. Aged - 21. Memorial - Plymouth Naval Memorial - Devon, United Kingdom. Panel 53, Column 2.

Rogers Robert James Flight Sergeant (W.Op./Air Gnr.) 1183329 460 (R.A.A.F.) Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Son of Frederick Oswald and Maude Rogers, of Wolverhampton. Died - 27 January, 1943. Aged - 22. Memorial - Rheinberg War Cemetery, Germany. 2. C. 18.

Round James Thomas Private 27029 16th Bn., South Staffordshire Regiment who died on Thursday, 28th November 1940. Age 49. Son of Daniel and Sarah Ann Round; husband of Mary Ann Round, of Wednesfield. Memorial Wednesfield (St Thomas) Churchyard.

Round William Thomas Sergeant 326257 ‘A’ Sqn. Staffordshire Yeo, R. A. C. Son of William Thomas Round and Dorothy May Round, of Wolverhampton; husband of Marjorie Round, of Wolverhampton. Died - 27 March, 1943. Aged - 26. Memorial - Sfax War Cemetery, Tunisia XIII. E. 22.

Rowbery Ivor Private 4928327 2nd (Airborne) Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment Son of Arthur Thomas Rowbery and Lilian May Rowbery, of Wolverhampton. Died - 22 September, 1944. Aged - 22. Memorial - Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, Netherlands 16. A. 20.

Rowcliffe David Sergeant (Nav.) 1579317 49 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Son of Gilbert Henry and Edith Emma Rowcliffe, of Low Hill, Wolverhampton. Died - 01 April, 1944. Aged - 21. Memorial - Hanover War Cemetery, Germany 5. H. 12.

Rowlands Alfred Stoker 2nd Class D/KX 1280092 H. M. S. Repulse. Royal Navy Son of Ernest Alfred and Sarah Ann Rowlands, of Wolverhampton; husband of Minne Rowlands. Died - 10 December, 1941. Aged - 37. Memorial - Plymouth Naval Memorial - Devon, United Kingdom Panel 54, Column 1.

Rowley J. Edward Sergeant 1247821 Flt. Engr. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve who died on Saturday, 22nd April 1944. Age 32. Son of Samuel and Rose Hannah Rowley, of Wednesfield; husband of Blanche Rowley, of Wednesfield. Memorial Wednesfield (St Thomas) Churchyard.

Rowley Thomas Vincent Sergeant 1512267 Royal Artillery attd. 105 Bty, 42 Mortar Regt, West African Artillery, R.W.A.F.F. Son of Mr and Mrs T V Rowley, of Wednesfield, Wolverhampton. Died -15 December, 1944. Aged - 25. Memorial - Rangoon Memorial Myanmar. Face 2

Ruscoe George Reginald Sergeant 1198669 115 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Son of George Frederick and Margaret Amelia Ruscoe, of Bradmore, Wolverhampton. Died - 15 November, 1941. Aged - 21. Memorial - Runnymede Memorial -Surrey, United Kingdom. Panel 51.

Rushton Leonard John Aircraftman 2nd Class 968743 235 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Son of Mr and Mrs J Rushton, of Wolverhampton. Died - 16 June, 1940. Aged -. Memorial - Heath Town (Holy Trinity) Churchyard - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Old Ground. Row 38. Grave 62.

Russell Alfred John Sergeant 571554 Royal Air Force Son of Alfred John and Mary Ellen Russell, of Wolverhampton. Died - 16 August, 1942. Aged -. Memorial - Manby (St. Mary) Churchyard - Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Grave. 16.

Russell Herbert Private 4910275 1st Bn., South Staffordshire Regiment who died on Saturday, 4th November 1944. Age 35. Son of John Russell and Rosannah Russell, of Wednesfield; husband of Marion Russell. Memorial Wednesfield (St Thomas) Churchyard.

Rutter Ernest Driver T/11000561 Royal Army Service Corps Son of Edwin T and May Rutter, of Penn, Wolverhampton. Died - 22 May, 1944. Aged - 27. Memorial - Beach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Italy. XV. C. 10.

We will remember them