The Memorial is situated within the Church, Upper Villiers Street, Wolverhampton.

World War 1 Roll of Honour.                                                                         

Allen Samuel Private 6898 2nd Btn South Staffordshire Regiment.
Son of Mr and Mrs Allen, of York Street, Wolverhampton; husband of Emma Allen, of 12 Cobden Street, Blakenhall, Wolverhampton. Killed in Action 25th September, 1915 aged 30. Arras Road Cemetery, Roclincourt France. III.L.31.
Antwis D.J. Pte

Barber R.H. Serg

Barratt E Pte

Beddows S.S. Pte

Beeby R. Pte

Beere R. Pte

Bishop GT Pte

Blower H.J. Pte

Boll A.H. Pte

Bouckley R. Pte

Boulton J.W. Corpl

Bowers D. Pte

Bowen W.C. Rifleman

Bradney G.H. Pte

Broomhall J.C. Serg

Carr J.H. Pte

Carr T.W. Pte

Clark W. Pte

Cooke F.J. Pte

Cooper J. Pte

Cox J.C. Pte

Cresswell A.J. Pte

Darby A.E. Pte

Davenport W. Gunner

Davis C.H. L Corpl

Dawes S. Pte

Dewes F.C. Pte

Diment P.W. Pte

Eccleston E. Pte

Egan W. L Corpl

Elliot E.H. Pte

Ellis E. Serg

Evans A.J.S. Pte

Evans C. L Corpl

Evans WH Pte

Fisher G. Pte

Fletcher W.A. Pte

Shinton R.S. Driver

Francies J.E. Pte

French E. Pte

Garner W.C. Gunner

Guest J.R. Rifleman

Harriman A. Sapper

Harris S.C. L Corpl

Hartill H. Corpl

Heath B.A. Pte

Highway F.J. Pte

Highway H.C. Pte

Hill F.G. Pte

Hill H. L Corpl

Hill J.R. Pte

Holmes J. Q.M.S.

Hopley GL Pte

Horobin H. Pte

Jephson F.D. Pte

Jones B.J. Gunner

Jones R.R. Pte

Jones W. Pte

Kearnes T. Pte

Keatley A.W. Pte

Knight S. Pte

Lawley W.H. Rifleman

Lee A. Pte

Leighton T.H. L Corpl

Lester A.E. Pte

Lilleford C.G. Gunner

Lilleford H.A. Bomdrs

Lloyd W Pte

Lowe J.H. Pte

Martin J. Pte

Mason A. Pte

Mason H. Pte

Mason W.E. Pte

Massey A. Serg

Mee R.H. Serg Maj

Millichamp B. Pte

Morris J.H. Sapper

Newton I. Pte

Norris JB Pte

Northall C.S. Pte

Onions S.T. Rifleman

Parkes J. L Corpl

Payne A.J. Pte

Peplow P. Pte

Perks A.L. Signaller

Perks A. L Corpl

Perry C. Corp

Powell J. Pte

Purchase G. Pte

Rhodes L. Pte

Rowe J.C. Serg

Russ P. L Corpl

Saunders C.H. Pte

Silvester J.H Pte

Southall A Pte

Sparrow J. Pte

Stainer H.A. Pte

Steadman H.D. Pte

Stubbs F.W.D. Serg

Tebbull H.C. L Corpl

Titley F. Pte

Tranter J.C. Pte

Turley B. Pte

Walker J. L Corpl

Ward J. Pte

Watkins G.W. Pte

Watkiss C.W. Serg

Whitehead S.G. L Corpl

Williams F.A. Gunner

Withers A.E. Pte

WW2 Roll of Honour


Baker, Fred Lance Corporal 4923073
South Staffordshire Regiment and No 3 Commando
Born 10 February 1917 in Wolverhampton son of John Jesse and Pamela Baker he was the fifth child of eight - Annie, Jack, Frank, Cissie, Doris, Thomas and Sidney.
The 1939 Register records Fred living with his parents and four siblings at 171 Dudley Road Wolverhampton and being employed as a Clerk – General Haulage.
Fred was killed in action 14 July 1943 aged 26.
Grave Reference I. A. 23. CATANIA WAR CEMETERY, SICILY, Italy.
On 10 July 1943, the island of Sicily was invaded by British, Commonwealth and USA forces.
No 3 Commando were given orders to capture the Malati Bridge over the river Leonardo intact to allow the 50th Division to continue its advance.
3 Commando were put ashore north of Augusta in the Bay of Agnone from the infantry assault ship HMS Prince Albert and following the railway line, headed west towards Lentini. It had been thought that the only resistance would be from scattered Italian defenders, but straight away the commandos ran into the 3rd Battalion of the Hermann Goering Regiment. This meant that all the way to the bridge there was intensive fighting, but their objective was reached by 0300 on the 14th July.
The Italians guarding the bridge were quickly overcome and it came under British control. The demolition charges were removed, and the commandos now had the task of holding the bridge until the arrival of the 50th Division which was fighting its way up Highway 114.
A German Mk VI Tiger tank appeared than 200 yards away and began firing its heavy machine gun towards the commandos who were around and under the bridge with no cover. Several men were wounded and killed. More tanks could be heard coming down the road and with the 50th Division still not in sight, after a short discussion it was decided that the remaining commandos would withdraw into the hills to the east and reform. Once there they came under heavy fire again and they were ordered to set off in small parties to make for a prearranged rendezvous on the coast. The total casualties from the action were 153 killed, wounded, and missing sadly Fred being one of them.

Bayliss, Frank Raymond Sergeant (Observer) 1153744 
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Died 27/10/41

Biddulph, Percy Petty Officer Telegraphist D/JX 135822
H.M. Submarine Orpheus Royal Navy
Died 29/6/40

Bradford, Arthur Private 4624526
16th Bn. Durham Light Infantry
Died 11/9/43

Cook, Charles William Able Seaman D/JX 156001
H M S Matabele Royal Navy
Died 17/1/42

Coogan, Gerrard Private 14692038
2nd Bn Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Died 8/7/44

Cope, William Powell Captain 195682
Royal Armoured Corps Staffordshire Yeomanry
Died 3/11/42

Cort, William Lance Corporal T/91432
Royal Army Service Corps attd. 73 Coy. Aux. Mil Pioneer Corps
Died 17/6/40

Evans, A*

Finney, Ronald Sapper 2017869
Royal Engineers. 862 Mechanical Equipment Workshop and Park Coy.
Died 21/1/44

Garbett, Alfred Leslie Sergeant T/142371
18 Div. Petrol Coy. Royal Army Service Corps
Died 3/8/43

Harper, William Reginald Thomas Private 4916951
1st Bn. Suffolk Regiment
Died 2/1/45

Hinkinson, Thomas Lance Corporal 2736771
1st Bn. Welsh Guards
Died 5/9/44

Hough, Raymond Driver 184560
1 Motor Amb Royal Army Service Corps
Die 1/4/42

Hubball, Arthur Frederick Flight Sergeant 964247
304 Ferry Training Unit Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Died 2/10/43

Jones, Edward Private 14630298
8th Bn, Parachute Regiment, A.A.C.
Died 6/6/44

Lawley, Christopher James Trooper 321239
15th/19th King’s Royal Hussars, R.A.C.
Died 10/9/44

Lyons, John Thomas Trooper 5055080
3rd Royal Tank Regiment, R.A.C.
Died 18/7/44

Meredith, Wilfred Gunner 984950
2 Field Regt. Royal Artillery
Died 9/8/44

Morris, Gordon Flying Officer 154529
207 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Died 5/3/45

Morse, Robert Frederick Ordinary Signalman C/JX 233982
H.M. Submarine H.31. Royal Navy
Died 24/12/41

Newitt, Alfred Edward Private 5043949
2nd Bn. The King's Regiment (Liverpool)
Died 3/7/44

Nicholls AJ *

Nixon, Arthur Septimus Private 5732510
2nd Bn. Dorsetshire Regiment
Died 1/5/44

Nixon, John Henry Lance Corporal 3529161
2nd (Airborne) Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment
Died 9/7/43

Parkes, George Raymond Aircraftman 2nd Class 1030370
Base Signals Radar Unit Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Died 7/11/44

Phillips, Reginald Lance Bombadier 872063
3 H.A.A. Regt. 3 H.A.A. Regt.
Died 26/7/43

Reade, Norman Archibald Private 10601627
5th Bn. Hampshire Regiment
Died 26/2/43

Rowbery, Ivor Private 4928327
2nd (Airborne) Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment
Died 22/9/44

Sharratt, Leonard Keith Trooper 322864
Staffordshire Yeo. RAC.
Died 26/3/43

Simpson E.*

Smith, Samuel Sergeant 1425790
26 Operational Training Unit Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Died 30/7/43

Steer, John Derrick Corporal 323989
"A" Sqn. Staffordshire Yeomanry Royal Armoured Corps
Died 18/7/44

Welsh, Lawrence Edward Warrant Officer Class II 556979
The Staffordshire Yeomanry Royal Armoured Corps
Died 30/4/45

White, Stephen George Sergeant (Pilot) 1318824
106 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Died 26/6/43

Williams, Percy Raynsford Gunner 1555518
529 Bty, 87 Searchlight Regt. Royal Artillery
Died 9/8/41

Willis, Cyril Edward Gunner 1557855
125 Field Regt. Royal Artillery
Died 12/9/44


I would like to thank Andy Skidmore for the photographs.