Codsall War Memorial



World War 1 Roll of Honour.

Bickley Ernest Edward, Pte, Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding Regiment), 2nd Bn, age 26, 2/2/1918, 242707, son of Edward and Ann Bickley, of Moat Brook, Codsall, Wolverhampton. Born at Penkridge, Stafford. VI.B.3, Faubourg D'Amiens cemetery, Arras.

Bird William, Pte, South Staffs Regt, 1st Bn, 31/8/1916, 24096. Pier and Face 7B, Thiepval Memorial.

Bishton Edward Henry, Serjeant, South Staffs Regt, 1st/6th Bn, age 22, 13/10/1915, 2876, son of James and Mary Ann Bishton, of Pattingham, Wolverhampton. Panel 73 to 76, Loos Memorial.

Caswell George Henry, Pte, South Staffs Regt, 1st Bn, age 26, 31/8/1916, 24099, son of Thomas and Mary Caswell of Wrottesley Lodge, Albrighton, Wolverhampton. I.C.34, Dernancourt communal cemetery extension.

Caswell Jack Reading, Lance Serjeant, Royal Warwickshire Regt, A Coy, 10th Bn, age 28, 15/5/1918, award MM, service No 55. Son of Thomas Reading Caswell and Mary Anne Caswell of Oxley House South, Wolverhampton. I.D.26, Esquelbecq Military cemetery.

Furniss Kevin Robert, Lieutenant, 29/4/1917, age 19, Royal Flying Corps, 23rd Sqn and Staffordshire Yeomanry. VII.A.3, Cambrai East Military cemetery. Son of William Marter Furniss and Margaret Edith Furniss, of The Gables, Trysull, Wolverhampton.

Griffiths Albert David, Pte, K.S.L.I. 2nd Bn, age 20, 29/4/1915, 6504, son of Thomas Henry and Annie Griffiths, of Oaken, Wolverhampton. Panel 47 and 49, Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.

Grimley Harold, Serjeant, Royal Sussex Regt, 11th Bn, 21/10/1916, G/15550. Pier and Face 7C, Thiepval Memorial.

Grosvenor Thomas, Lieutenant, Royal Flying Corps, 57th Sqn, Secondary Regiment, Lincolnshire Regt, 7th Bn, age 24, 17/9/1917, son of John Grosvenor of 44, Victoria Road, Bradmore, Wolverhampton. Born at Codsall, Wolverhampton. B.9, OostendeNew Communal cemetery.

Haybittle R W, Lieutenant, Machine Gun Corps (Inf), 185th Coy, 8/1/1918, XIV.C.4, Amara War cemetery.

Hughes Charles W, Pioneer, R.E. N. Special Coy, age 21, 14/8/1917, 192987, son of Charles Alfred and Catherine Hughes, of Codsall, Staffs. VI.E.13, Brandhoek New Military cemetery.

Leadbeater Ernest Edward, Rifleman, London Regt, (The Rangers), 1st/12th Bn, 7/10/1916, 473989. Pier and Face, 9C, Thiepval Memorial.

Marshall Jim, Pte, South Staffs Regt, 1st Bn, 14/7/1916, 15769. Pier and Face, 7B, Thiepval Memorial.

Medlicott Thomas, 2nd Cpl, R.E. 67th Fd Coy, age 24, 24/10/1917, 101543, son of Eli and Julis Medlicott, of New Buildings, Codsall, Wolverhampton. II.C.23, Noeux-Les-Mines Communal cemetery extension.

Meredith William, Spr, R.E. 116th Rly Coy, age 25, 26/8/1915, 105605, son of the late Mr and Mrs J Meredith of Ivy House, Oaken Lawn, Albrighton, Wolverhampton. New Part, I.7.6, Codsall (St Nicholas) Churchyard extension.

Milton David, L/Cpl, Northumberland Fusiliers, 8th Bn, 26/9/1916, 3676.Pier and Face, 10B, 11B, and 12B, Thiepval Memorial.

Millward Thomas, Pte, 3845, 13/10/1915, South Staffordshire Regt, 1st/6th Bn. Panel 73 to 76, Loos memorial.

Page Raymond Charles, Second Lieutenant, South Staffs Regt, 8th Bn, age 41, 24/9/1918, son of Samuel Wells Page and Matilda Aston Page, of Penn, Wolverhampton, husband of Ann Taylor Page of 70, Regis Road, Tettenhall. South West of Church, Tettenhall Regis (St Michael) Churchyard.

Picken J, Shoeing Smith, 31561, 7/12/1918, Royal Field Artillery. I.B.5, Don Communal cemetery, Annoeullin.

Preston Charles Henry, Cpl, South Staffs Regt, (2479) 1st/6th Bn, age 31, 1/7/1916, 240363, son of John Preston of Holyhead Road, Oaken, Wolverhampton. Pier and Face 7B, Thiepval Memorial.

Renshaw Albert Henry, Pte, Staffordshire Yeomanry, 1st/1st, age 23, 21/10/1918, 300890, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Jane Renshaw, of Oaken, Wolverhampton. Born at Crowton, Cheshire. 3, Beruit War cemetery.

Tonkinson Albert Joseph, Surgeon, R.N. HMS Monmouth, age 27, 1/11/1914, M.B. Son of William and Elizabeth Tonkinson, of Winton, Codsall, Wolverhampton. 1, Plymouth Naval Memorial.

Tonkinson Arthur George, Lance Serjeant, South Staffs Regt, 1st/5th Bn, age 26, 13/10/1915, 9384, son of the late William and Elizabeth Tonkinson of "Winton", Codsall, Staffs. Panel 73 to 76, Loos Memorial.

Tudor Thomas, Pte, South Staffs Regt, 2nd Bn, age 20, 29/7/1916, 15804, son of Mrs Clara Tudor of The Fold, Oaken, Wolverhampton. Pier and Face 7B, Thiepval Memorial.

Tresise Reginald George, CSM, South Staffs Regt, 7th Bn, 9/8/1915, 8792. Panel 134 to 136, Helles Memorial.

Williams Alfred, Pte, 45001, 7/06/1917, age 31, Sherwood Forseters (Notts and Derby Regt), 11th Bn. Panel 39 and 41, Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Son of the lateThomas and Eliza Williams.

Williams William George, Pte, The Queens (Royal West Surrey Regt), 7th Bn, age 18, 23/8/1918, 72315, son of George T and Elizabeth Williams of Gunston Cottages, Codsall, Wolverhampton. II.A.9, Becourt Military cemetery, Becordel-Becourt.

Willcock W. unable to trace.

World War 2 Roll of Honour

J. Fisher
T.W.H. Gardiner
D.A. Gold
R.R.W. Hazel
J.M. Iliff
A.D. Macmillan
E.V Percival
W.T Rushton
G. Smyth
E.H Taylor
I.C.M. Thompson
G.W. Wall


My thanks goes out to Andy White who completed and provided me with the research.